Cracking the Acting Code


We're not going to sell you the "big promise" that you'll star in the next Award Winning Blockbuster Film right after reading this book. Like any other profession you'll need to apply yourself. Having a successful Acting Career is made up of what you put into it. No grandiose promises. Just a simple and sensible guide to becoming a professional actor.

The acting business can seem extremely daunting, intimidating and honestly it can be very challenging - if you don't have the proper tools and know how. From knowing your type, all the way to finding an agent. "Cracking The Acting Code: A Practical Step By Step Guide to Becoming a Professional Actor" provides the answers to your questions about how to break into the Hollywood scene. In this guide you will find only the necessary steps to go from aspiring to working actor. Learning too much too soon can actually be overwhelming and stop you from moving forward. Focusing on the small steps to achieve the larger goal.

Applying real life experience accumulated from years spent in the art and business of acting, we have stripped away a lot of the preconceptions often associated with the industry and have mapped out a practical guide to your future success.

Learn everything we wish someone shared with us before we wasted years on struggling to find our way... ORDER HERE